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Message # 35 Date: 01/22/2002 7:55:14pm 
Name: Alice Dee E-Mail: jackshitnada@yahoo.co.in
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Location: Marrakech
Wierd. Here I am in Marrakech, I can't stand the internet, and, doodling with the remains of my hour, I find that Florian Fricke has passed away. That music changed who I am, and, I hope, continues to do so. Heard deeply, Popol Vuh has sounded to me like Truth, or maybe I'm just nuts. Wherever you are, Florian, and from the bottom of this heart, thank you, and God bless you. Thank YOU too, whoever you are, as I feel I should have been told of this sad event. It's kind of like a friend. - Alice

Message # 34 Date: 01/10/2002 11:24:48pm 
Name: Gary Lucas E-Mail: gary@garylucas.com
Homepage Title: The Father of Gods and Monsters
Homepage URL: www.garylucas.com
Location: NYC
Wonderful site! Do you know where I might obtain some of the albums/videos listed in the discography?

Message # 33 Date: 01/08/2002 8:58:16am 
Name: makinef E-Mail: mak.nef@tin.it
Homepage Title: Popol Vuh & Florian Fricke
Homepage URL: www.popolvuh.it
Location: Salerno, Italy
In Memory of Florian Fricke 23rd Feb. 1944 - 29th Dec. 2001 La notizia della scomparsa di Florian ci ha colpiti, la sua musica risuonerà sempre in noi, con gli occhi asciutti, perchè le lacrime appartengono al silenzio.

Message # 32 Date: 12/31/2001 9:34:36pm 
Name: Brian Williams E-Mail: brian.williams@gmx.net
Homepage Title: Memorial to Florian Fricke
Homepage URL: raq491.uk2net.com/florian
Location: Munich, Germany
Florian's family asked me to create a memorial website. Here it is!

Message # 31 Date: 10/13/2001 11:08:29am 
Name: Jesse Daniel Schomer E-Mail: jjdlschomer@hotmail.com
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Location: USA
I had a brief question and I am directing it to you because I have been rather unable to find much on the web about the music of Popol Vuh. In the film Nosferatu-Phantom der nacht, do you know the name of the song that is being played as Lucy is wandering through the town square? Thanks!

Message # 30 Date: 07/16/2001 3:31:23am 
Name: Matteo E-Mail: matteo@sunscape.it
Homepage Title: Sunscape psycho/post movement
Homepage URL: www.sunscape.it
Location: Milano
Un sito italiano sui popol vuh! subito linkato! ciao

Message # 29 Date: 07/02/2001 8:43:55am 
Name: Max Kristofferson E-Mail: maxanne@mail.bip.net
Homepage Title: Max Kristofferson free download mp3
Homepage URL: home.bip.net/maxanne/
Hello! Thanks for the tour! Respect from Stockholm! peace/max

Message # 28 Date: 06/18/2001 9:10:54pm 
Name: oliver stoned E-Mail: otreps@8-0.net
Homepage Title: Agitation free
Homepage URL: www.ifrance.com/agitationfree
Location: France
Hello, Your site is very nice, well-designed. I've created a french site about "Agitation free": http://www.ifrance.com/agitationfree I'd like you to include it in your link-page if you like it. I can do the same for you in my own. Anyway, thank you. Best psychedelic regards, oliverstoned

Message # 27 Date: 04/20/2001 8:51:40am 
Name: Héctor Hugo Bernal Díaz E-Mail: hhbernal@hotmail.com
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Location: México, D.F.
It is an excellent group. I like your music very much. I would like to know more about you. 

Message # 26 Date: 04/02/2001 11:34:43pm 
Name: F. Barthel E-Mail: f_barthel@yahoo.de
Homepage Title: NEU!
Homepage URL: members.tripod.de/neuschnee
Location: Germany
I just wanted to let you know that my NEU! website moved to a new address.

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