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Message # 175 Date: 02/12/2003 9.19.17
Name: Frank E-Mail: f@mauritius-islander.com
Homepage Title: Mauritius Ile Maurice
Homepage URL: http;//www.mauritius-islander.com
Location: Mauritius
Very nice website.
Greetings from Mauritius

Message # 174 Date: 01/12/2003 22.29.44
Name: Lukas wahyu Utomo E-Mail: http://www.balispotinternational.com
Homepage Title: h
Homepage URL: http://www.balipalace.com
Location: Ina
Great website - very interesting and informative
Best regards,
Lucas http://www.balipalace.com

Message # 169 Date: 28/11/2003 14.36.24
Name: Franz Krul E-Mail: f.k.@web.de
Homepage Title: dtp-layout
Homepage URL: http://www.fremdsprachensatz-druck.uebersetzung-724.de
- enjoyed it very much. Franz

Message # 168 Date: 27/11/2003 11.55.47
Name: matteo E-Mail:
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Location: italy

Message # 167 Date: 27/11/2003 11.50.16
Name: bascio E-Mail:
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Location: bresa
popol vu, vaffancu!

Message # 117 Date: 15/09/2003 9.41.24
Name: Christian Koetz E-Mail: boojaka@gmx.de
Homepage Title: Fantasy Science Fiction Horror
Homepage URL: http://www.fantasy-science-fiction-horror.de/
Location: Berlin
I like your Website! greetings from berlin !SAVE OUR NATURE!

Message # 112 Date: 07/09/2003 1.59.59
Name: Flugbuchung E-Mail: Pro2000@yahoo.ch
Homepage Title: Flugbuchung
Homepage URL: http://www.internet-flughafen.de
Location: Allemagne
I spend my working day on the web and enjoy working in places like this because I get to see unusual sites. I like your site!
Greetings from C. Reisebüro, Geneva, Switzerland!

Message # 109 Date: 03/09/2003 23.17.53
Name: Gewinnspiel E-Mail: HL-76er@hotmail.com
Homepage Title: Gewinnspiel
Homepage URL: http://www.gewinnspiel-robot.de
Location: Allemagne
Interesting page containing serveral helpful information and nice pictures. Greetings from Baden-Baden, Germany!

Message # 108 Date: 03/09/2003 0.27.18
Name: Last Minute E-Mail: LM-Jones@epost.com
Homepage Title: Last Minute
Homepage URL: http://www.internetflughafen.de
Location: Allemagne
Fantastic Site, loaded with great information, particularly I love your graphics and pictures and I will soon com back.... L. W. Jones, Geneva, CH

Message # 104 Date: 01/09/2003 23.07.09
Name: Versicherungsvergleich E-Mail: VVJohnson@web.de
Homepage Title: Versicherungsvergleich
Homepage URL: http://www.versicherungsvergleich-spartipps.de
Location: Allemagne
Very Nice Web Site Here ... It is really wonderful and i bookmarked it. Thank your for the hard work you must have put in to create this wonderful facility. Keep up the excellent work! Gratis. Johnson

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